4840 Tarantella Lane

San Diego, Ca. 92130

Dr. Bob Uslander

Founder & Board Member

I’ve always considered myself a problem solver.  As a young boy, I was incredibly curious about the world and the people in it.  As I matured and learned about the various career paths available to me I decided that being a physician, helping people through difficult and scary circumstances, was my calling.

As an emergency physician for more than 20 years, I was often called upon to diagnose and solve intense problems very quickly.  Later, as a palliative care and hospice physician, I was asked to address and solve a different set of complex problems. Now, as the founder of Integrated MD Care (IMDC), a new model of personalized medical care for people with complex and terminal illnesses, my problem solving skills are being utilized and honed in unique and exciting ways.  My days are spent helping people with complex and terminal illnesses come to a better understanding of their circumstances, and make decisions about their life and their death that align with their highest values.  I work with an amazing team, collaboratively guiding and comforting patients and families at the most critical time in their lives.  It is incredibly rewarding work, and I am honored to do it.

However, because of the limitations and barriers associated with Medicare and insurance plans, our services have previously been available only to people willing to pay us directly.  I don’t believe that a person’s financial status should determine how well they are cared for, and especially how well they die.  Lack of financial resources should not keep people from receiving person-centered medical care, expert guidance and healing therapies when facing their final days on earth.  For this reason I created Integrated Lifecare Foundation.

Through the generous support of donors, the partnership of granting agencies and foundations, the donation of time and energy on the part of our Directors and many volunteers, and the engagement of ILF Ambassadors throughout the community, Integrated Lifecare Foundation provides critical education, advocacy and financial assistance for enhanced medical care and support to countless individuals and families throughout San Diego and Southern California. Our goal is for everyone to be empowered to experience what we refer to as “a soft landing.”